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Verona Airport Parking

Parking is the very important issue whenever we visit any place and sometime it becomes very messy too. But you will not face such a problem when you visit Verona airport because the parking service that is been offered by them is very great and also satisfies the customer. Moreover the airport can accommodate many people at a time and so the vehicles are also increased. You won’t believe but there is nearly space for 5,300 vehicles. It is a very big parking as number of cars can be accommodated. They gave made division of parking as short parking and long parking. The short parking is for the vehicles which are to be parked for short amount of time while the large parking is for the vehicles where the y is to be waited for long amount of time. The parking area is been divided by different numbers like p1,p2,p3,p4,p5,p6.P1 to P4 is for long term parking where the vehicle is to be kept for more than 2 to 3 hours. The short term parking is done near the terminals.

The charges of eth parking also differs .The charge of short term parking is less while for the other it is high but both are under your budget.p5 is also known s reserved parking which is for the celebrities who are visiting the airport. There are many ways by which you can pay the fare but the most popular is the automatic cash machine. There is special parking for the tourist vehicles. They are making tourist comfortable by their service at the airport.

There are many companies which offer the parking option that too near the airport. You can also go for these parking. They will also take care of your vehicle and the charges are also not very high. So, now parking is not a big issue for Verona airport and you can bring your vehicle to eth airport.