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Verona Airport Arrivals

Verona has become the favorite holiday destination all over the world and so there are many flights which are running from different parts of the world to Verona airport. The airport is been situated 12 miles for the center of city. Moreover there is arrival of both domestic as well as international flights. Thus there are arrival of flight every hour and so the airport is always in rush. Moreover there is a parking system near the arrival terminal so that you can easily park your vehicle over there. The cost is also not high for parking the vehicles.

There is no train facility near the airport; the aero bus facility is offered which will take you to main train station. Form station you can fine many trains that arrive all the train and can take you to various destinations. So, the aero bus can help you to get to the different spots easily. They run between 6.30 am to 11.30 pm. Thus you can easily enjoy this aero bus and enjoy various spots all over Verona. Moreover when you arrive at the airport you can also find many taxis which are always ready to help you. They will take you to different locations very easily within the budget.

Verona airport offers the high quality service to their customers on the arrival. The airport is very beautiful and is equipped with different useful facilities. They offer food and beverages and also offer various ways by which you can easily relax. When you arrive at the airport there is a tourist help facility where the new tourist can easily get information about the different beautiful places in Verona and thus does not get cheated. They also offer the check-in facility by which you are not required to spend time in queue. As soon as you arrive at the airport you can enjoy their different facilities like shops, cafes and also different shops.