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Verona Airport

Verona city of Italy is popular for its heritage, operas and shows. It has continent climate with fairly enough inhabitants. The city has more of Roman culture. Verona airport is situated in the middle of cities where population is more than a million. After the ancient wars the city was open for civilians of other country. The city prides itself in serving and maintaining its art and heritage.

Verona airport is nearly 12 km away from the center of the city. was getting expanded as more and more civilians and tourist started visiting with facilities of car parking, luggage trolley, seating capacity, waiting rooms, sanitariums, shops and all. It also has arrival and departure at distant from each other to avoid overcrowding. It employees are efficient and always ready to serve customers. It also has emergency medical help system. The airport is equipped efficiently enough to fly even in low visibility. The transport facility is also good enough with bus, railways and airlines with buses connecting to neighborhood cities and being at the centre of major cities the reach ability is also not a problem. There are different two terminals one for arrival and other for departure, so that there is no rush at Verona airport. There is also the internet facility at Verona airport which you can access easily and also the gaming zone for children’s.

Shops and restaurants

The shops located have ancient medieval and roman architecture. Verona airport is famous for garage sales and the great characters of lovers that are Romeo and Juliet. Shops of food, handicrafts, and antiques are quite famous and accessible. Even the hotels and other stores are low budgeted. There are also many resorts near the airport and around the city which will give you luxurious feeling and you will really enjoy them. There are many cafes and bars where you can get the services.

Local transportation

You can easily get to the railway station from the airport by aero bus. The charges are also nearly 6 Euros. The train will help you to reach various places all around the Verona. There is also car facility which will help you to get to different places. There are many signposts which will help you to reach Verona airport from the places. There are also the cars hiring company at arrival terminal where you can easily rent the car and get the facility. There is also bus facility which takes you from different place to the airport and vice versa. These buses are also not very costly.


There is also safety of luggage at the airport. If you want to travel for a day then you can keep your luggage at Verona airport the charges are also affordable by all. There is also the shipping facility at eth airport.

Other important information

The statistics of passenger has been increasing year by year due to the architecture and the cities effort to attract tourist and the airline services of more than 20 airlines are available at Verona airport. It provides every need facility to its passengers from luggage transmission to unloading it with proper security and less chances of misplacing and proper parking facility. The airport provides the services of car hires, train stations, coffee shops, food shops etc. They also have provided services through mobile applications, flight alerts, weather conditions, regular users account etc. the traffic condition around them is also good as they provide ground transport systems. You can easily get the various facilities at the airport by contacting (+39)045 8095666 this number. So, enjoy different services that are offered to you at Verona airport and enjoy the Verona.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Valerio Catullo
Time Zone:
GMT +1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
45° 28’ 0" N
Longitude (DMS):
10° 56’ 0" E
Passengers (2017):
Official Website:


3,068m (10,064ft)
45m (148ft)