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Verona Tourist Attractions

Verona city which is situated in Italy is the famous tourist place and every year many people like to spend their vacations here with their family. It is also famous for its culture and history. Romeo and Juliet are famous among all and in many situations it has became the reason of visiting Verona. The history of Verona is also very interesting and is also very exciting to visit such a city. It is also famous because of its roman architecture .This architecture will show the history of roman culture and also about their civilization. It has also many lake sand gardens which will make you near to aquatic life and can even make your summer very interesting and cool. There are many hotels and resorts near the airport so if there is time for the departure of flight then people can easily enjoy these well equipped restaurants.

Some of the most popular places which are the main attraction of tourist in Verona are the following:

Lake Garda: It is one of the biggest lake of Italy and also the popular holiday destination for the people who likes aquatic life. This lake is very famous during summer because summers are every hot and sometimes unbearable but this lake gives a good holiday experience. There are many water games which are also loved by people and also attracting people towards it. This lake has water which is safe for swimming so to escape from the scorching heat of eth sun it is a good option. It is peninsula which is surrounded by high mountains and hills. Moreover there are many attractive hotels and resorts near this lake so people can easily stay and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Piazza delle Erbe: It is the best place from where you can start your journey of Verona. It is the heart of eth city and the it is also a famous square of Verona. It has a fountain at the center which has the statue of Madonna Verona and it is the most historic view of Verona. The square is also surrounded by big beautiful buildings and many historic towers which has made the view of this square very attractive. It also has many stalls around which are very good for shopping. Moreover there are many cases where you can enjoy the coffee with snacks and spend a good time with friends and family.

Castelvecchio - Castle and Museum: It is the historical museum of eth Roman architecture. It will also eth depict the history and culture of roman civilization. This museum ha s a very beautiful structure and also for the statue that are in the museum. The masterpieces which are in the museum are impressing people and also attract people towards themselves. There are many art pieces around the rooms and passageways which are forcing people to study about them. It also includes Gothic painting which was searched in Verona. The famous masterpieces of eth museum are Pisanello, Jacopo Bellini, Stefano da Verona and many more.

Roman Theatre: It is the most famous and attractive theatre and the one who visit Verona would surely visit this place. The structure of the theatre is also very beautiful. There are many performances held in this theatre and this drama will tell the history of different places. You can also enjoy the mime act that are been held in these theatres. There are also many opera theatres in Verona which are every interesting to listen. Thus Verona is a very beautiful city and you would really enjoy it. So, all should once visit this place to enjoy the roman culture and various other attractive sights.